Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Flag Counter ?


  • Flag Counter is a visitors counter widget for your webpage (or) a blog. It counts number of visitors entering your site based upon their country and geo location information.
  • It works on any HTML pages, blogs, social network profiles, envato pages etc..  Completely standalone and no external database needed.

  • Simple to create and fully customizable flag counter with various options. Also, it provide advance statistics with charts and real-time web tracking system.

In which website the Flag Counter will work?
  • It works on any site. All that is required, that the site support images. Flag Counter is a simple image!

How often is my Flag Counter updated?
  • Both statistics page and flag counter image can be updated on real time. Even re-generated flag counter data can be updated on real time without any delay.

Is there is any limit for Flag Counter ?
  • There is no limit for Flag Counter. You can create as much as flag counter's you want. Visitors data can be stored on our server safely until any inactivity found on your flag counters!

Is my flag counter removed, if inactivity found ?
  • Yes, we remove flag counters from our service that haven't logged a new visitor in over 60 days.

What about accuracy of visitors geo location?
  • We are using regularly updated geo location database, it provides 99.8% accuracy of data about each visitors.

How can i close flag counter?
  • Just remove the widget code placed on your site. Automtically your flag counter data has been removed for inactivity after 60 days.

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